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Why is McDonald considered to be the best?

Well we all know McDonald is one the largest growing Hamburger outlet in the world, it cater to about 36 thousand locations in the 120 countries in the world. The

Why getting a nail art is so important?

Introduction Nail art has many benefits and people do not know but there is even a documentary available on the nail art in the United States called the “Nailgasm”.  What is


Pizza ATM Near Me

Recipe for perfect life starts from pizza! Probably the only love triangle everyone would prefer.  Pizza near me serves so many different types of pizzas that one can actually have


Food that you must never miss on in New York

Introduction New York the city that never stops, everyone wishes to go to New York once in a life time, but this is the best place for the foodies too! In

Side effects of having an ice cream

How can something that tastes so good and is a dairy product be harmful? Well we at times do not understand that anything and everything that is consumed even a