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Food that you must never miss on in New York


New York the city that never stops, everyone wishes to go to New York once in a life time, but this is the best place for the foodies too! In fact this is the foodie’s paradise, but many people are not sure of what food items they must try while they are in New York

Being in New York there are many good places to eat near me. Streets of New York are filled with variety and options. Though New York is quite famous for fast food cuisines, here is the list of the food items one must surely not miss on while they are in New York.

Food that you must never miss on in New York

  • Hot dogs – Something that you can hope skip and eat and easily locate in the restaurant chains near you. This is one of the most commonly eaten dishes in the New York. Hot dogs are one of the main cuisines in the New York City. They are traditionally made of meat which can be either pork or beef.  Every year almost 1 billion hot dogs are sold in the whole of United States.  And every second about 75 pieces are been sold in the whole of United States.
  • Chicken and waffles – if you haven’t tried this dish in New York then the trip was waste. One must keep this as priority in their checklist and fried chicken with a combination of waffles on it for breakfast is the best option. The first ever dish of this was tried in the Pennsylvania and later in the 1990’s this dish was modified and people started loving it. Though the traditional method of making the chicken is still the same.
  • Pastrami on rye – a very thin sliced and pastrami piled and this is served on the toasted caraway – flaked rye bread. This is the best Jewish dish and this is originally brought from Rome to Greece. And it is generally made up of beef and added with a spice of garlic, coriander and black pepper on it. This is perfect for the lunch or brunch as it is a bit heavy for one to have it in their breakfast.
  • Pizza – pizza is the best dish ever, and in New York pizza is something you surely cannot resist. With a thin crust and the variety of options available for toppings, this is the perfect food that one can surely have anytime of their day. It is best for brunch, lunch and dinner. They are even in healthy as they have all veggie toppings on them as well.
  • Cheesecake – prominently known for its simplicity, New York cheese cake is one of the best to try. With simple cream and cheese and cake it is even healthy as it is low in sugars. This is one of the best sweet one can have if they are in New York City; the softness of the cake is too good and worth a try.
  • Black and white cookies – do you love cookies? Well having black and white cookies will be the best then, I bet you like no other cookie in front of these. These biscuits were the results of the left over cake biscuits and they were first produced in the 20th century in New York itself. You can try these from the freshly made local bakeries itself. These biscuits are unique and you can get the original taste of it from New York itself.
  • Bagels – Long yeast bread in a ring shape and this was in a ring shape, this is one dish that can actually make you beg for it in knees. One can have this dish every day and still cannot get bored of it. This dish is brought to New York by the east European Jewish immigrants and now though the dish has evolved into different types and it is still worth a try.

What do I need to have to find good and healthy places to eat near me?

  • Internet connection
  • Android Smartphone or an Iphone to download the application or browse the web.
  • One can even use laptop and other devices like an “Ipad” to browse the applications/ website.

How do I find the restaurants that serve healthy food places to eat near me?

  • Click on the below mentioned link or download the application “ Zomato”
  • Update the location you stay at or switch on the location option on your phone so that the application can easily detect the location to suggest you the list of different locations serving healthy food around you.
  • Choose the meal you want to have such as, lunch, brunch or dinner and accordingly you will get the list of hotels, their reviews and menu as well. One can even see the pictures upload by many previous customers.
  • Other than this one can even try different websites and applications serving the same purpose, click on the below mentioned links and repeat the same procedure.
  • Http://

Benefits of this food near me and restaurant finding websites and applications

  • User friendly applications and website, catering to mass locations and restaurants.
  • One can easily locate the restaurant according to their convenience and home itself.
  • Booking the places to the restaurants and outlets that serve healthy food near me is now become easy with these applications.
  • They have a large variety of restaurants and outlet options so you can choose the one which fits your budget as the hotels options even are rearranged according to the cost price and budget of the menu.
  • One can easily spot the type of the restaurant, Mexican, Indian, Chinese extra. Which cuisine they are looking for and try street food and the above mentioned food on the list mentioned above.
  • Having a restaurant that serves healthy and good food near me is something that everyone wants to know and these applications help the person to locate such restaurants easily.

Final words

There are many good places to eat near me, one can simply just browse in the different websites and try to locate the closest best restaurant and places to eat near them.

If you have a smartphone then simply just download the android application on your phone. Even Iphone users can get access to the applications.

The list mentioned above are one of the best things that New York has to cater to the people who are coming from other places. Usually the United States is known for its delicious and mouth watering fast food items.

And to taste them all New York is the best place to visit. If you are facing any problem in spotting the closest outlet then you can even try the street food.

You will find the above mentioned dishes on almost every street of New York and the availability of these dishes in the whole of New York makes them so special and worth a try.

Especially the cheese cake, one of the best deserts the New York city has is their cheese cake. Every restaurant and hotel outlet has this one their menu and you can easily spot them.

Using websites you can even order the food to your place instead of travelling to the places as many restaurants even believe in the home delivery format.

So with the flexibility that the technology is offering you, you can now easily spot some real good places to eat near you and that too without any hassle and within just few clicks, you even try multiple other type of cuisines to get the zest of multiple cuisines that are served in the United States.

Thank you.

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