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How to get lots of trade in credit at GameStop

GameStop is an American video game, consumer electronics and also a wireless service retailer. There are so many outlets of GameStop in the United States that one can locate the GameStop near me very easily, there are about more than 7 thousand stores of the company.

The company is now divided into two main segments, one of them is the Video Game brands and the second one which just got started in the fourth quarter of the year 2013 is the Technology Brand.

And they have about 218 outlets in total in the Technology brand itself. Never the less, GameStop is doing extremely good and people who love games are already using their services.

And if you are looking to upgrade your console or video game collection, that too after using the trade-in credit of the GameStop than you must know few techniques that will help you to trade in your old games with the new ones especially when you are quite low on cash.

How to get lots of trade in credit at GameStop

Firstly let me tell you there are four ways to get this credit at the GameStop, you can try all the different four ways to trade in and get your work done in the least possible cost.

Way I

  • Go to the nearby local stores and get the power up reward cards- Now many people do not know that this card is absolutely free to get. They give you rewards in return of any of the game or console system of a game you trade in with them. Now these reward points can be wisely used to purchase or get the new games collector or system from the gamestop gift shop itself.
  • And if you feel that you are frequent buyer or you trade in with them quite frequently than instead of choosing the normal power up card you can go for the pro version of it, the pro version of the card is just for about 14.99 dollars.
  • If you buy the pro version card than you will be getting an off of about 10 percent on the used games and even a 10 percent off on making killer bonuses. Not only has this but the card owner also got a 12 month game informer subscription.

Way II

  • Now for this you have to go to the official website of the Gamestop and then find out about their any recent trade in offers. Click on the below mentioned link to get the official website.
  • After clicking on the above mentioned link try to find the offers that will be of a better value and make sure you read the terms and conditions properly. Depending on what you are looking for a purchase or to trade-in you must be knowing what should be the perfect offer.
  • In case you are looking to go for a new release and that particular release is in basically the GS promotion which is kept for the next week, wait for the promotion and trade in for that one. ( as it gives 50 percent more trade in opportunity)
  • The GS already gives a heavy discount on the trade in prices, and if a person is paying in cash than he has to pay only some amount as he gets a 20 percent discount.
  • People normally get confused with this but the fifty percent trade in value is equivalent to the 45 percent of the used price.


  • Select your trade ins- Have you ever tried trading in with the GameStop? I hope now you want to! But for that you have to follow certain steps.
  • Select – one has to decide what they actually want to trade in, now this might include video games, consoles and even Accessories and IPods and Ipads and Iphones.
  • One has to know that their items which are come with for the trade must be in full working conditions, and some of the games and accessories are not even accepted then.
  • Remember the newer the game more the value for your trade ins.
  • Know – one has to find out which games get the best returns and trade in them if they have any of those. Anything that is old yet used by people will do, one must know that the value and the popularity will get them good offers only, never trade in a normal game it might give them below one dollar in the GS. GS trades in for very less amount if the game is not popular or loved by any.
  • Broken games – Now this is something rare but the Gamestop even accepts the broken games. But do not expect to walk in with any game and walk out with the brand new games. Actually this is vice versa, but if you offer something like three broken Mario games along with the WII games they might end up giving you at least one used PS3 game.

Way IV

  • Do it physically – Bring your trade in offers to the actual physical store of the gamestop, tell the store associate about your willingness to trade in. tell him about your offers and what do you want in return, what offers are you looking for redemption.
  • Now you have to solely deal with the associate, they are the ones who will guide you about the offers they have and what all they can allow you for a trade in.
  • Your trade in capabilities and whatever you get in return from this will solely depend on your bargain power, they even accept new released broken games to trade in, so be wise enough make a combination of good and bad games while you are going for trade in, this should be done in such a way that the person just cannot reject your offer and give you good trade in offers as well.

List of things I would require to get the GameStop near me.

  • A internet connection on your device.
  • One needs to have a smartphone.
  • Any other device will also do, like PC, laptop, Tab or


One has to follow the below mentioned steps after fulfilling the above mentioned criteria.

Benefits of the GameStop locators to the users

  • A user easily gets the list of all the GameStop’s near them and they need not even move around to search the stores, with these locators you even know about their products online.
  • Now everything is done conveniently, you can now have your credit points and purchase transaction on their online portals itself.
  • Without spending extra cost and time cost and time you can get these GameStop stores locators and their games available for bargain.
  • These store locator websites help you to track down the closest possible GameStop so that you do not have to travel a lot and even inform about their recent games and trade ins.
  • Using their official websites and application a user can easily trade in their points and exchange their old games with the new ones in the above mentioned ways.

Why game stop is just the best?

Do you know that gamestop is doing pretty excellent in the market, the video games and their reward and other offers have attracted many customers lately, there are many reasons that is adding on to the success of the gamestop and following are they-

  • Availability– The total number of outlets of the gamestop is about 7 thousand plus, so one can easily find a store to go and use their services and even if you cannot than one must remember that they have an official website too! You can go there and use all of their services which you would be doing in a physical store. they have their wide spread on both offline and online to reach all their customers.
  • Tradein – One must know that they are one of the biggest brand which allow you trade in and get new stuff instead of the old ones, so you do not really spend much in getting the new games. They have many trade in offers and ways you can get through which is mentioned above.
  • Cards – There are about two types of cards, one of them is free the normal power up card and the second version is the pro version for which you have to pay about 14.99 dollars and they get many other offers for trade ins using these cards. There are many rewards attached to these as well.
  • Score points – The people get all the score points like a 10 points spent on a dollar on any new game, console and strategy guides. 20 points spent on a dollar which was pre –owned by the consumers, accessories as well as consoles. And people who complete their profile online and establish their game library than they can earn up to 500 points as well.
  • Exclusives – Now people can even manage to get exclusives from the GameStop, but they are given to the members only, they get special discounts, and they even get the details of the new games in an email. Not only has this but they even got entry to reward giveaways. The exclusive chance to be a tester of the game and they can even get a credit in the game later. The members are also getting a chance to visit the sales and invites of the GameStop.
  • Rewards – The GameStop even give different types of rewards to the customers who include the following, the GameStop gift card and merchandise it, they even offer movie theater and restaurant rewards to the members. One can even manage to get the ITunes gift cards. They even offer their customers special codes to unlock certain exclusive games. The member also get the chance of getting a game subscriptions to play station , Xbox and the network etc.

Final words

GameStop near me is now easy to locate with the links mentioned above; you can use different websites and browse them using any device to get the sorted list of the GameStop’s near me.

But if you want to have very smooth and quick access to the list of the game stop nearby than you have to have the applications on your phone, these applications can be used on any phone which is Android smartphones, Iphone’s and the Mac phones as well. this is one of the best brand that you can get your games from, and all the recent games and latest releases are also available, so you need not go to any other place.

If you want to have better options for trade ins with the company than you go through the above mentioned four ways which will guide you more about how to use these services easily.

Remember that you have choose good trade in deals only, the members though get brilliant offers so you can choose to be their member and then try and trade in.

Now there are many reasons that GameStop is doing excellent, right from them being available nearby to their online website that offers same functions. They even offer different discount and offers to their customers which make them the industry leaders.

Always remember that these offers are given depending on how recent the game is and how popular the game is.

One can try all the four ways of getting better trade in offers, they are legit and especially choose the final way as that might give you better trade in offer if you have good bargain power.

And last but not the list if you have never tried the best services of the GameStop than you must definitely give them a shot.

You can go their physical outlet anytime and get to know more about their working and offers from their associate itself.

So spot the nearest location and outlet of the GameStop near me using their official websites and applications and get started!

Thank you.

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