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How to order healthy meals at IHOP?

IHOP stands for International House of pancakes, this is an American casual pancake house and it specialized in the breakfast meals only. Many people who have had tasted these pancakes might have been mesmerized with the taste of it. The place is very well known for its 24 hour availability and opens for 7 days a week. The pancake house is in function since the year 1958 and it caters to about 1,650 locations and so spotting an Ihop near me is become very easy because of its high availability.

Now many people think that since the Ihop serves more of pancakes, it is a fatty food outlet. Though pancakes are heavy in calories doesn’t mean that they are fatty and not healthy for consumption. One must know that they are the best for breakfast, and if you know how and what exactly to order from the Ihop than nothing can be unhealthy.

One must know the list of things to be ordered from Ihop outlets near them and following are the things –

If you are planning to dine at the Ihop all you can picture is pancakes dipped in sugar syrup and crispy bacon. But hey this is just a made up scenario, not every pancake or dish at the Ihop is high in calories.  The dishes are surely tasty and valuable and skipping this just with the fear of gaining weight is not done. You can choose some alternative and valuable dishes at the Ihop.

  • Simple omelets with fruits – we all know that Ihop is well known for its breakfast menu and having omelet over there is very healthy. the content of calorie in it is only 310 and about 10grams of fat and the protein is 27gram which is quite high. The dish comes with fresh fruits by it sides which makes the dish very valuable and fibrous. So this becomes quite easy to digest and intake.
  • Simple fit two egg breakfasts – Now though the dish sounds very similar but it is not, the dish has two eggs that are scrambled and two bacons with it, and they have cold fluid to have with it. Now this dish at the Ihop has a perfect balance between the two, the taste and the health as it is very easy to digest and holds only about 350 calories and about 25grams of proteins.
  • Harvest Grain and N egg white combo – if you want to give a fine treat to yourself than this is the perfect dish you must order from the Ihop. This dish is loaded with blue berries and have banana pieces on it, this is one of the most delicious and healthy dish at the Ihop. It even has the scrambled egg combination to pair with to maintain the protein intake of the dish. Though it is not too light in calories but because of its fibers and proteins packed ingredients it is better than consuming the normal pancakes of the Ihop menu.
  • Soup and salad – The chicken soup at the Ihop is exceptionally great, so people who are planning to have soup at the Ihop must definitely go for this one. It is mixed with dietary salad which is fresh and green making it one of the most healthiest and tasty dish at the Ihop. If you want to fill on your stomach faster and consume less of the heavy calories food dishes that to just for taste than having this dish along with it is very beneficial as it has only about 150 calories and 5gram of proteins in it.
  • Mix and match meal – Now many people love ordering small dishes and having a large number of variety, though this can be a little expensive but hey it is healthy as well. One must know that the dishes ordered at the Ihop can make a proper balance of both the healthy and tasty dishes. So you can go for yogurt, turkey dishes and even bacon, fresh fruits to maintain the balance of fibers in it. Have any egg dish to maintain the balance of proteins consumed from the dish. Like this you will be having a healthy yet tasty meal at the Ihop. And Ihop is the only place which offers combination of health and taste to their customers.

On the world pancake day, that is the National Pancake Day on 7th march, n number of pancakes are been consumed by people and they already have had the calories. But you might not be knowing exactly as to which pancake is the best and the worst in terms of calorie consumption.

The Ihop on the national pancake days ask their customers to make a donation for their charitable partners, their aim is to sell so many pancakes that they are able to raise at least 3.5 million dollars in just one day for all the helpless children.

What do I need to find an Ihop near me lists?

  • One needs a faster access so good internet connection is necessary.
  • A smartphone or apple phone or a Mac Phone.
  • Any other

Follow the below mentioned steps after you have fulfilled the requirement criteria.

  • The after that step, you click on the link is to click on the option of Store locator and one can even see direct option of fitting in the details or then a new page will be on the screen then fill in the details like the place and the zip and address or the current location for you to spot the closest Ihop near me and in your locality.
  • Now with this you not only get the address but these locators also get the contact details of that outlet and so one has to even contact them, so one can even ask the personals of the outlet if they have any doubt or query or you can just simply place an online order.
  • If you are apple user than you can make a fastest access from the phone by just downloading the application, click on the below mentioned link for proper details.
  • And in case you are android user then you can just simply download the application from the Google play store, click on the below mentioned link for it
  • One can even browse the websites to get a sorted list of the different Ihop near them and if you do not have a smartphone you can just browse the websites and get simple access.
  • One can even download the application like zomato, tripadvisor and even other applications on their phone and get the list of the Ihops in their location and get the details of their services as well, these applications are all available on the Google Play store and ITunes Both.

Benefits of ihop outlet locator near me

  • Ihop outlet locator helps us to get a list of diverse outlets near our vicinity without even travelling from a place in search of the ihop outlet s near me.
  • Now the whole thing is just done is simple clicks which makes this a very suitable way to get access to the ihop outlet near me.
  • The user doesn’t have to real spend extra cost and time and they get sorted details of the list of these ihop outlets and restaurants, their list of options and even their contact details so one can even call them to place an order.
  • These store locators even get you to get the list of the Ihop outlets that are into home delivery.


How to make your calorie rich dish at the Ihop healthy and less fattening?

  • Well always remember that do not ask for extra butter or any wipped cream on your pancakes, this will be more fattening and add calories to your simple pancakes. Let the pancakes be coated with simple sugar syrup.
  • Now if you are not a syrup fan, than tell the Ihop personnel to add fruits on your dish instead of the normal syrup, this will balance out the fiber intake in your dish.
  • Always make sure that the dish you are having at the Ihop has a balance of about egg pairing at the side to balance out the protein intake of the dish, now this is really healthy no matter which hour of the day you eat.
  • Replace the regular bacon instead try an order the turkey bacon it is quite healthy and very tasty as well.
  • Ask for sauces to be served at the side, now these sauces bring a flavor to whatever dish you are consuming and you do not really miss the heavy healthy food stuffs.

What do I need to find a Mc Donald store near me?

  • Good internet connection for fast access.
  • A smartphone or apple phone.
  • Another device like laptop or Ipad to browse the websites online

Follow the below mentioned steps after you have fulfilled the requirement criteria.

Benefits of McDonald locator near me

  • Mc Donald store locator helps us to get a list of different Mc Donald outlets near our vicinity without even moving from a place.
  • Now everything is just done is simple clicks which makes this a very convenient way to order from McDonald near me.
  • Without spending extra cost and time cost one gets a sorted list of the list of this fast food chain near them, their menu and even their contact details to place the order.
  • These store locator websites help you to track down the closest possible outlet and even guides about the products they are dealing in and the variety they have.

       Some really fun facts about the Ihop near me.

  • The first ever Ihop was opened at the Toluca lake, CA in the year 1958, but that wasn’t the first ever time the restaurant was called the Ihop, It was known as the International house of pancakes till the year 1973.
  • About 700 million pancakes are actually served in one year at the Ihops.
  • Ihop serves about 53.8 million steaks annually and about 32 million pounds of sausages, bacon and even the ham company which are the part of Ihops signature breakfast.
  • The Ihop sells about 100 million cups of coffee annually and about 14 million gallons of juice every year.
  • To make and serve about 700 million pancakes annually, about 1.5 million of maple syrup is used by the Ihops.
  • 214 million eggs are used by the Ihops, these eggs are used to make the different signature breakfasts of the Ihops.
  • The Vermont Ihop is the only place that serves syrup which is the original one at the Ihops, and because of a customers demand it became the only place that serves the actual maple syrup that is made in the traditional way instead.
  • Back in the year 2006, the National Pancake Day at the Ihop helped the company to raise about 16 million dollars. The company has also made the customers to make a donation on the national pancake day to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, the charity in the year 2006 led to nearly about 16 million of donation to the Philanthropic funds.
  • In the year 2007, the Ihop acquired the apple bees for about 2.1 billion dollars.
  • The customer named the Matt Stonie’s ate about 66 pancakes in one row without any puking after the sitting.

Final words

Ihop near me is easy to spot if you click on the above mentioned links or download the application from the Google Play store and the Itunes.

It is easy to locate as it caters to more than thousand locations in the United States itself.

Ihops are healthy as well, so one chooses those dishes and make a proper choice of the dishes which eggs and fruits now these dishes are not only healthy but also very tasty.

And on the National Pancake Day the Ihops have some of free pancakes and they ask their customer to make some donations for children this makes the company not only good in its customer service but also in the CSR activities.

Thank you.

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