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How to Search the Walmart Near Me?

Walmart Near Me


Walmart, world’s largest retailer in the consumer goods, started back in the year 1950 by Sam Walton. The headquarters and the first ever Walmart store began in the Ozark Mountain. Initially, walmart was named as the “Walton.”

Walton was then renamed as “Walmart” in the year 1962 when Bob Bogle for the new chain of the store. And ever since then the logo of Walmart has been changed approximately five times. Initially, walmart was operating only in five states, and now it is 11,528 stores in the world.

The total number of Walmart outlets in the United States is around 5,229. With such a huge number of Walmart stores in the United States, one can spot Walmart stores near them quickly. You can even shop on the Walmart online store in case you do not have time for physical purchase; they provide online shopping convenience to their customers.

How to discover the Walmart near me?

Being the world’s largest retailer outlet, everyone prefers to shop from Walmart itself because of “N” number of reasons such as branded good and the presence of the stores. If you are looking for Walmart store, you can find nearest one by searching online. Follow simple steps using the phrases like finding Walmart near me.

Sam Walton, the owner of Walmart chain, started the store with a strategy of keeping the prices low, thinking the penetration strategy will help him to gain a larger number of customers.

Walmart has now even started Walmart credit card for making the purchase easier for the customers. This credit card gives you a discount on bulk purchase. And it is even applicable for online purchase.

Many people yet do not know how to detect the nearest Walmart to their resident. Well from around 11, 528 stores in the world that can quickly let you find the Walmart near me locations.

Walmart has recently started a new feature on the Walmart application which you can download on your phone from the Google Play store; this is called as the Walmart   “find my store.”

What exactly is search my store?

Search my store is one of the best examples of how efficiently Walmart is using their online capabilities to search the Walmart store in their near vicinities.

What do you require to search Walmart store?

  • Address
  • Zip code
  • State name


What are the uses of “Search my Store?

Feature of walmart

  • Enables a person to detect his Walmart store/outlet closest to his location by putting in the details of his/her address.
  • Even helps you to locate the Walmart which is running out or holds the stock of the product you want which other Walmart stores closer to you are running out of.
  • It works as a personal assistant for your Walmart shopping.
  • The primary objective behind Walmart search my store feature is to give a customer easy and faster access to shopping in the Walmart.

How many people use the Walmart “Search my store option”?

Well, according to the company information about 99 percent of their total number of stores which is 11,528 stores total in the world is already searched by their customers using the Walmart search my store option.

And according to the positive feedback, the company is getting, search my store option is doing incredibly good. And they will be adding quite a few features in no time.

How to use this option?

Well, there are two ways to use this option of “Search my store,” either on the web or by using the Walmart Android application. The application is now only available on Android smartphones, but now Walmart started working on the iPhone application as well.

What all you need to download the app on your phone?

  • Android smartphone
  • Internet connection ( Wi-Fi preferable)
  • At least 10 Mb of space

Steps to download the app and search the Walmart outlets

  • To all the Android phone users, download the Walmart Android app on your phone from the Google play store.
  • Open the app and explore the option of “ Search my store.”
  • The blank box will appear on the screen asking for you to fill in details of your location.
  • After putting in the details about your location, the map will drive you to the closest Walmart in your area.
  • One can even enter in the details of the Walmart, and the application will guide you about the nearest Walmart outlet having the stock of that item.

To find the web version of Walmart near me follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Click on the following link to get access to the Walmart near you location; this is the internet version of the new feature of Walmart “search my store.”
  • After opening the link, a blank box will appear asking for your location details, fill in the details and track the nearest Walmart outlet details.


Final words

Walmart is now working harder to give convenience to the customers; they have come up with credit cards and even with another search my store option. With this decision available on the application for the Android users, I could easily detect the Walmart near me, and this even helped me to make my shopping experience easier and simpler.

Walmart being one of the world’s largest retailers is constantly trying to make the shopping experience of their loyal customers flexible and easy by starting different things like credit card and exclusive discounts for the card holders. Search my store option to locate the nearest Walmart store in your vicinity quickly. And the Walmart online purchase option to give convenience to the customers, now one can easily detect the stock availability and the Walmart outlets near them as Walmart application works as a personal assistant for the customers.

Thank you.

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