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Lowe’s credit card and everyday offers

Lowe’s is an American company that operates a chain of retail home improvement as well appliances stores in the United States. And the chain has about 1840 stores and outlets in the whole of United States, Canada and Mexico. With the wide availability of Lowe’s you can easily with the use of internet find lowes near me.

This is also a second largest chain of the hardware in the Whole of United States, they rank after the home depot and the Menards. The first ever lowe’s was started back in the year 1921 and after his death the company was operated by his daughter ruth.

The company has won about 8 energy stars awards together in a row from the year 2003 to 2010. And not only this but many people do not know that they were the first to win this award from the retailing industry. And the company is also sponsoring the 7-Time NASCAR sprint cup series.  And the company has sponsored many more things prior this.

And for once they were even involved in the small cluster of class action of law suits for their employee payment policy, and over the years all the law suits of the company was settled for about 2.95 million dollars.

Now what are the everyday low prices of Lowe’s?

Many people are unaware of the fact that the Lowe’s have many everyday offers for their customers.

They work in direction to save your money on a daily basis, and they are in constant attempts to save your money every time a customer shopped from them. These everyday low prices and offers are applicable to both the local stores of Lowe’s near me and the online website.

Now though we all know that the online store is national and there are charges for home delivery and transport, the prices of online store might differ from the physical stores, but the company tries to reduce the prices to max of their ability.

We make sure that every effort is been made to minimize the differences of any price and to give you the best of best service.

Low prices guaranteed

  • The Lowe’s make an offer every day; they have very competitive prices on a daily basis. And they challenge the customers that if they find any normal retailing shop that quotes lesser price than them then they will make sure that they reduce their price to less by 10percent than their original price.
  • They even assure the customers to match the net price of the competitor’s total discount and offer they are giving to you.
  • The price of the competitor doesn’t matter if they are on closeout, special order, and clearance or damaged goods. Neither should it include the labor installation charges.
  • And the quantities of the Lowe of that 10 percent less product are limited to about certain number of quantities only.

Price protection

  • They have the price protection policy as well which offers that the rate/ price of the Lowe’s online shopping will be quite equivalent to the price of the product which is sold currently at the physical outlet of the company.
  • This is to benefit the person that is shopping from the online website of the company.

New Lower Prices

  • Now this is nothing but a part of the online commitment that is just a part of our ongoing commitment of giving away cheaper rates than the competitors.
  • They try to lower the prices whenever they can and this is that when the costs get lowered the prices of the products also get lowered.
  • For the newer lower prices you will find a bright yellow mark throughout the ads and this all at our nearest Lowe’s store.

Lowe’s credit card systems, is it the best option?

Now many people wander if the credit card shopping is giving them benefits or no, well I don’t know about other credit cards but the Lowe’s Credit cards gives many discounts and offers for people holding these cards.

The home improvement store of the Lowe’s accept all sort of cards which are the Master card, Visa card and American express etc. but now they even started with their branded Lowe’s store card as well.

A person who spends a lot of money from shopping at the Lowe does can get the benefits of 5 percent off on anything they purchase every day.

Now if you keep getting this discount of 5 percent everyday than you will surely make junks of profit and save a lot of money annually.

Though you need to know more about the special financial card offers and policies before going for random purchase expecting an offer.

Types of Lowe’s cards are as follows

  • Consumer Lowe’s cards
  • Business Lowe’s cards

Consumer Lowe’s cards – These consumer cards for a regular shopping and the company gives you a discount of about 5 percent off on any purchase. They are accepted only at the Lowe’s physical store or the online purchase from their website only.

Though these 5 percent discount have some conditions behind it which you can ask from the Lowe’s associate while taking up the card.

Now the best benefit of this card is that the card holder directly gets a 5 percent of discount on the sale price rather than giving credit points which can be redeemed later.

Not only this but if you purchase a product of 299 dollars you can choose to have a deferred payment system for 6 months but this offer is in exchange of that 5 percent instant off on your ongoing rate.

Now people have to understand the concept of the deferred payment it means that the person is not liable to pay the interest amount on the sales price until the period. But they have to pay the interest after they couldn’t complete the payment of the due.

If you pay before the 6 month period than there is no problem but if the consumer fails to do so than he has to pay interest for the entire period right from the purchase date.

The ongoing APR of the consumer credit card of Lowe’s is 26.99 percent and it has no annual fee.

Now the question arises that if one must buy this credit card or no? To be honest if you are a regular buyer of the home improvement products than you can simply choose this card as they give a good 5 percent discount to their customers on both the portals of physical stores and the online website.

So one can easily go for this card without making tough choices and thinking over and over again simply choose this card but remember that it will be used for the company purchase only.

But the APR of this card is quite high in comparisons with the other companies.

For instance if you purchase the product which is worth of 2000 dollars from the company so according to the 5 percent discount you will be getting about 100 dollars discount on the purchase price.

But the APR of the card is so high that you will end up paying 150 dollars on it which makes it 2050 dollars if you choose to pay on installment basis.

Not only this but if you choose the deferred interest and payment of more than 6 months so you will end up paying only 2000 dollars, now this is like making no real difference.

So this can be beneficial for the customers that are buying products regularly from them and paying them on the spot.

They are using these services can be very beneficial if you know how to handle the whole payment.

There are many other alternatives for the people who are looking to go for the Lowe’s cards.

But people must know that if you are regular shopper from the store and you admire their low prices than competitors than choosing any other card will be a waste.

Following are the alternatives to the Lowe’s consumer card.

  • The Citi Double Cash Card.
  • The Capital One Venture Reward credit card.
  • The Chase freedom Unlimited card
  • The Capital one * Quick Silver*cash rewards credit card.
  • The Citi, simplicity card ( best for longer period use)

Following are the things I will require to find Lowes near me.

  • An internet connection on our device, preferably a 4G or WI-FI connection for faster access.
  • Any smartphone, Android Phone, Iphone or Mac Phones.
  • Any other device which can be either laptop, PC or your Ipad or Tab that is connected to the internet.

One has to follow the below mentioned steps to get the list of the close by Lowes store.

Benefits of the Lowes store locators that give a list of outlets near me.

  • Lowes store locator helps us to get a list of different Lowes stores and outlets near our locality with just one single click and moves.
  • Now everything is just done is simple clicks which makes this a very convenient way to order from their official website and other lists.
  • One need not spend any cost on search and time cost one gets a sorted list of the list of these Lowes stores near them, their product list and even their contact details to place the order otherwise than the normal online website.
  • These store locator websites help you to track down the closest possible outlet and even guides about the products and their availability of the stock in the near local stores, or for the stores you are looking for.

Final words

Lowes near me is easy to find in the United States, as there are multiple stores around you can locate the closest one using the internet on your device.

Now they even prefer online shopping and other services that you can go, one can make easy payments and get good discounts and offers using the lowe’s consumer credit card.

The try to quote the least possible amount to their consumers than any other competitors and they even give discounts of total 5 percent on the regular purchase of the customer.

Not only this other offers like 6 month deferred payment system as well as 18th month special financing plan is available for one to choose.

Now the card has many benefits not only the card users but any other customer of the Lowe’s can get the lowest possible rate at their outlet.

They guarantee to give the best price and the lowest price on their products not only this they claim their motto is to reduce their price everyday and they have adapted to the new lower policies as well.

One can just download the application from the Google play store or the ITunes and then browse them to get the details of the closest store of the Lowe’s.

Not only this but other websites also give a detailed list of the Lowe’s store near them. One must remember that you can even do online shopping using their official website and application or you can even place an order using their call.

Their website can even help you to know that if the closest Lowe’s store holds the inventory you are looking for, though this is a little tough but remember that this is the best way to know more about the product you are looking for.

Giving you the best of best technology and services Lowes near me is in constant efforts to be in your favorite list of shopping.

Thank you.

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