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Pizza ATM Near Me

Recipe for perfect life starts from pizza! Probably the only love triangle everyone would prefer.  Pizza near me serves so many different types of pizzas that one can actually have more than one new pizza every day in a week.

Pizza’s has been an integral part of our lives, so what actually invented this divine?

The world’s first ever pizza was documented in the AD 997 in Gaeta and in southern parts of Italy, then over the years, people kept innovating it with adding a variety of toppings.

Pizza didn’t gain popularity until the World War II, but ever since World War II it has been one of the favorite munchings of all time.  There are so many pizza places near me, but do you know about the first official one?

The first ever official pizza place known as “United States Pizzeria” in the New York City was started in the year 1905 by Gennaro Lombardi.

Ever Heard of Pizza ATM?

No, for now, this doesn’t count in the pizza near me lists, ever thought of Pizza ATM, well I am sure if this comes in Mumbai, the queue will be longer than the current scenario.

Fresh Pizza in the middle of the night would be just great, but also a little tough to find until we had a pizza ATM.

Xavier University in Cincinnati started with Pizza ATM to ease the students with late night and anytime munching, it was America’s first ever Pizza vending machine.

This vending machine gave pizza to the person within three minutes of ordering, its price varied from 9 to 12$ depending on the toppings.

This Pizza ATM is made by coming French company named “ Pauline” , they say that the school has other options of food too but none of them is open round the clock, unlike this Pizza ATM.

Although the quality of the pizza doesn’t match the fine lines hall pizzas but they still have managed to win 3 national awards lately.

This innovative way to match the midnight cravings of the students was beyond dazzling of other options. So with the Pizza ATM, you can actually get the delicious pizza anytime and every time. But the limit of producing pizza without any refills of this machine is only 70 pizzas and this might be a little less for the whole of the university, but installing many machines like this will be really helpful.

The vending machine costs about 55,000 dollars and will shortly be made available to other universities

The first ever one to taste this ATM pizza was the soccer team of the university and were astonished to find a big time solution to their midnight cravings.

The university says that the machine is quite reliable as the labor costs to make the pizza is much more higher than the cost of the vending machine, so the machine has proved to be much more reliable than the expectation. Soon the pizza ATM will be the option of the pizza near me places.

There are so many pizza places near me open now that one can visit, and without any hassle, you can spot the pizza near me options.

What do I need to find an outlet of pizza near me?

  • Good internet connection for fast access.
  • A smartphone or apple phone/Mac phone will do as well.
  • Any device like laptop/ Tab or Ipad to browse the websites online.

Follow the below mentioned steps after you have fulfilled the requirement criteria.

Advantages one can get using these applications and website locators.

  • The website and application locator helps us to get a list of different dominos outlets near our vicinity without even moving from a place, so you get complete convenience from this locator.
  • One can do everything in straightforward clicks which makes this a very convenient way to order from any of the pizza places near me open now.
  • One need not even spend any time cost or any energy to roam and find out the different places, one gets a sorted list of the list of the pizza near them, their menu and even their contact details to place the order and even the other variety of products they have to offer.
  • The pizza places near me locators will help me to know the menu as well as the rates and variety every outlet has to offer their customers, and some of the pizzerias even have their own websites and applications so that you can place an online order.

Final words

Pizza atm is one of the most brilliant concepts that the company has come up with; soon these pizza ATM’s will be installed in every university and one can even spot them on the streets for emergency pizza cravings.

The best thing about this pizza ATM is that they are on 24/7 and one can get them anytime.

Pizza near me is easy to spot with the use of locator websites and applications that you can download on your smartphone either from the Google Play store or from the Itunes.

Remember that some of the brands even have their own websites and applications that you can place a home delivery order now.

Even if the pizza place is near me I can still place a home delivery order and get the food delivered home.

They are some small brands also which do not have their own applications and websites to place an online order, but using the pizza near me locators you can spot their contact details and place a call order easily.

Now with technology, everything is become super convenient for all the customers, as every service provider is aiming to cater to all the customer’s needs and requirements.

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