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Unknown Facts About Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Near Me


Many people are now familiar with pizza hut, but not everyone knows the fun facts behind the pizza hut. Pizza Hut was started back in the year 1958; it was launched by two brothers (Dan Carney and Frank Carney) who were yet in the college, both the brothers had browned about 600 dollars from their mom to start a pizza place.  The name of the pizza hut was an inspiration they got from a former bar they had rented the place to get opens their first location.

The company has their outlets in about 15000 different locations and is one of the world’s largest restaurant companies.  Due to its extensive presence, I can easily spot pizza hut near me.

Few Unknown facts about pizza hut are as follows.

1)    As soon as the Pizza Hut completed its first year, they got into franchising, and the two brothers asked their friend Dick Hassur to start another chain of pizza hut and open the first ever franchise in Topeka Kans and Hassur. And soon after his first franchise both started finding different people who would willingly open a franchise of Pizza Hut in their locality to have a great spread in the country.

2)    Pizza hut in the earlier days had a mascot called “Pizza Pete,” this was before the iconic logo of the roof in the year 1969.  This cartoon character wore an apron and chef hat while serving the customers.  Though after 1969 there was no mascot silently the “pizza Pete was still used in advertisements, cups, bags and other promotional products.

3)    Initially, when pizza hut started the cost of pizza were entirely negligible, it was about 95 cents for a small pizza and about 1.50 dollars for a large sized pizza.

4)    According to sources pizza hut was named by one of the brother’s wives who felt the first store’s outlook was a hut and so it was named as pizza hut.

5)    Pizza Hut had toys like baking ovens, so children in the 70’s had small sized ovens which looked like pizza hut outlets to pretend to bake pizza hut with a tube light of 60 Walt bulb.

6)    In 1990, pizza hut spent around 20 million dollars on their promotional activity and Advertisements; they used the famous turtles coming out of their shell to have pizzas.

7)    In the year 1984, Pizza Hut had initiated a Book it program, this initiative was complete to encourage the habit of reading, and then the pizza hut rewarded them with the pizza. The initiative was a big time success in the whole of United States that the first lady Barbara Bush threw a party of pizza at the white house,  the program has now crossed around 600 million children and is one of the biggest running corporate supported program in the country.

8)    In the year 2012, around 110 bottles were realized by the Pizza Hut Canada named as s“Eau de Pizza Hut.”

9)    Everyone loves cheese pizza and usually around 60 percent of people who have pizza make an instant order of cheese pizza, pizza hut uses about 300 million pounds of cheese annually. And pizza hut accounts for about 3 percent of United States Cheese production. And to get this cheese about 17,000 different cows were used to deliver the milk for the cheese production.

10)    Pizza Hut was the first company to introduce pan pizzas to their menu; they had done these nine years before their competitors did, then later in the year 1983, they launched personalized pan pizzas which were given as the price of the book it program.

11)    Pizza Hut was the first ever company to deliver pizza pies to space in the year 2001. The company had to go through complete thermal conditions to make sure they were still edible in the space. And one of the most interesting facts about pizza hut is that they even paid a enormous amount of sum which is approximately around 1 million dollars to get a big ad placed on the rocket which flew in the year 1999.

12)    Pizza Hut back in the year 2012 even started a grooming package, where they introduced a limo with a 10 dollar dinner box and ruby ring with fireworks, a bouquet of flowers and a photographer and this whole thing was just for about 10, 000 thousand dollars. But it eventually didn’t work much as the cost of the entire engagement package was way too much for people to afford.

13)    Out of the 15000 locations at which pizza hut is placed, the most successful pizza hut is at the Moscow where the per day income is about 6.500 dollars.

14)    Ever since the year 1971, pizza hut has been the number one pizza store around the globe regarding both the sales and units, people love the crust and the variety of the pizza hut menu.

15)    Pizza Hut is catering to about 100 different countries in the world and was the first ever pizza store who moved to e-commerce phase faster and started taking an order over the internet. In the world of pizza, pizza hut was always the first one to initiate a program and was always a trendsetter.

How to find Pizza Hut near me?

Well if you are still having trouble to spot the pizza hut near you, and you do not want to choose another pizza store, then all you have to do is follow the below-mentioned steps to get a good idea about finding pizza hut near your vicinity. Initially, even I faced hassle while spotting the pizza hut near me, but eventually with the growth in technology one can now locate the physical stores of pizza hut quickly and if they want their pizza to be delivered home then the

Can easily just place the order on the pizza hut website and get the pizza delivered at their place.

What do I need to find a pizza hut near me?

1)    Internet connection with any 2g, 3g or Wi-Fi connection.

2)    Smartphone or Iphone or even Microsoft phones would be okay.

3)    Any other device like Laptop, Tablet or an Ipad.


Below mentioned steps are going to guide you about pizza hut near me!

1)    Click on the below-mentioned link to get the website to track the pizza hut.


3)    The next thing you have to do after opening the link is filling in the details of your location on the empty box, or switch on the option of location on your device and then click on the option of search nearby options on the pizza hut website.

4)    One can even download the application on their smartphone for easy access to the pizza near me locator.

5)    Click on the below-mentioned link to directly download the app from the Google Play store.


7)    In case you are looking for some home delivery from the pizza hut, so you can quickly place the order over the internet

8)    To place and order and get the pizza delivered at your location, click on the below-mentioned link.


10)     Pizza hut near me now can easily be hunt if you have access to the necessities to locate the pizza hut.

Final words

I am sure everyone is now familiar with the fun and unknown facts behind the pizza hut, serving almost 100 countries at 15 thousand different locations searching pizza near me is not a big task.

Though people who are not familiar with the internet research now they can easily do it with the links mentioned above, pizza hut is one of the best retailer of pizza and one can easily make an online order as well if they do not want to go to the physical outlet of the store.

Pizza hut is one of the best pizza providers as they are still functioning on the traditional pizza making techniques with huge variety and quality of the product.

Download the pizza hut application from the Google play store to get access to every detail about the pizza hut, right from the menu to the prices as well as reviews.

The pizza hut official locator helps a person to detect the closest location of the pizza hut near me.

Thank you.

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