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Why choose a motel over a hotel?


Well many people are unaware of the concept of a motel, but motel is nothing but a hotel that is designed for the motorists and holds a proper parking area in the hotel for the motor vehicles. The word motel comes from the history which was ideally known as the motor hotel. Several historic motels are already been listed on the United States National Register of Historic places, so finding motels near me is very easy in the United States.

People mainly use the motels for a long distance journey and when they are on road trips, the need a place to stay overnight and this is a very cheap accommodation, there are many sites close to the main routes and this is the prime reason for the growth of the motels.

The motels were initially not decorative; they were just single story buildings with some extra amenities that had an open parking lot attached to it.

What is the difference between a motel and a hotel?

Though they both sound similar and serve the purpose of stay and accommodation for travelers the facilities and amenities they serve are way different. The purpose of the hotels gets a little divided because of its features.

Here are the key differences between a hotel and a motel, a hotel is a paid accommodation and lodging area where the customers stay for long, they are mainly for tourists and they provide n number of services and facilities to the people. They are divided into normal rooms, ac rooms and even luxury rooms. Choosing the type of the room and the pattern the cost and the amenities of the hotel differs.

These hotels are classified into categories depending upon their ratings as well, so if you the hotel is a 5 star than the cost of the stay will be higher in comparison with the normal 3 star hotel. So one has to analyze their budget and requirements and accordingly choose a hotel.

What is a motel?  Now motel is nothing but a motorist hotel, they are basically for the travelers and the tourists who just want an overnight stay. This term is typically used by the Americans and the Canadians. These motels are typically for the travelers who travel long distance and have no permanent destination as such. Initially the motels were not that luxurious and had their doors of the rooms that faced the parking lots that made it quite easy for a traveler to check on their vehicles but now ever since the revolution of technology everything is changed and motels are also bound with innovative ideas.

Now following are the key difference between a hotel and a motel.

Price (cost of stay)

  • Hotel – For a hotel, the cost of stay is comparatively higher, depending on their ratings, amenities and the time of booking the discounts and offers are given to the customers. Hotels are usually pre- booked by people which make the hotel less expensive even while you are choosing a five star hotel.
  • Motel – For a motel, the cost of stay is always cheaper as they do not have much of amenities and all they have to offer is a basic amenity and location, a basic outlay to stay. So choosing a motel is more beneficial for a person who is a regular traveler.


  • Hotel – The location of a hotel is usually surrounded and around the tourists spots, as hotels are for longer stays so they are basically around the tourist area only. They want the tourists and the people to get attracted with the hotels.
  • Motels – The location of a motel is usually around the place on the main roads, the highways and the other places like outskirts of the towns are usually the places where motels are located.


  • Hotel – The amenities of the hotels are usually more, they offer almost everything to a customer which makes him/her feel like a king/queen treatment. Apparently the cost of the hotel room also differs on the basis of the amenities.
  • Motels – The amenities of the motels are of very basic nature and they do not offer many things to the customers. One has to make sure that their expectation from a motel is low. They offer and average stay and a parking lot the customer, however other amenities differ from a motel owner to owner and it highly depends on their will power as to how they want to decorate their motel.


  • Hotel – The rating of the stars matter a lot, the reviews of the customers and the ratings should be the main criteria to select the hotel. Rating of the star is usually from 1 star to 5 stars. The ratings of the hotel also depend on the amenities and services offered by the hotel.
  • Motel – The rating of the motel is not really important, though they are also rated from 1 to 5 stars by different websites and customers they are not considered by a new customer. The sole purpose of a motel is to have an accommodation for one night and for that people do not really check the stars and the rating of the motel.

List of things i need to find motels near me?

  • Good internet connection on your device for faster access of the list.
  • A smartphone or apple phone, even a Mac Phone will be good.
  • Another device like laptop or Tabs/Ipad to glance through the websites online.

 One has to follow the below mentioned steps after you have fulfilled the requirement of getting access to the segregated list of motels depending on your location.

Benefits of hair motel locator near me

  • The motel locator helps us to get a list of diverse outlets near our vicinity without even travelling from a place in search of the list of motel near me.
  • Now the whole thing is just done is simple clicks which makes this a very suitable way to get access to the closest motels near me.
  • Instead of spending extra cost and time charge one gets a sorted list of the list of this motel and other accommodation places and their list of options and even their contact details so one can even call up and get the details of the amenities that the motel has to offer.
  • These store locator websites help you to roadway down the closest potential outlet and even guides about the facilities that a motel has to offer to their customers.
  • Not only these but some of the motels and even put an in depth detail of their place for the customers place for complete convenience and treatment.

Following are the advantages that a person gets if he/she chooses a motel.

  • Cheap stay – many people are unaware of the fact that the stay at the motel is quite cheap in comparison with the hotels. One who runs on a budget has to try and choose a motel over hotels. As the amenities provided by the motels are less they offer a customer a cheap stay.
  • Rates – The rates of the motel rooms do not differ on the booking timings unlike the hotels as one who chooses a hotel way before time will end up spending lesser amount than the emergency bookings. But in a motel you can book anytime , in fact even a last minute booking is the same amount than the pre booking amount.
  • Parking space – Now motels are named after the motorists hotels only, so the parking space given to the vehicle of the people is wide and huge enough. One can get to park their vehicles with complete safety and assurance.
  • Easy to locate – For travelers locating a motel is quite easy as they are usually on the high ways and main roads, unlike a hotel which is close to a tourists spot. Motels are very easy and comfortable as they are more often for a one night stay for the travelers.
  • Space – The motels offer their customers a very limited space that is not much, so it becomes very handy and comfortable for a person. These smaller rooms are in fact more handy and easy to understand than the complicated amenities and bigger rooms of the hotels.
  • Simple – any amenity present in the rooms are simple to use, one has to know that simple amenities are much more easy than the hotel amenities. We do not like tough chargers and machines in a hotel room.
  • No ratings – we do not really go for ratings to search for a motel so even a bad rated motel is okay to choose a for a night. one must know that these rating systems are typically for the people who are looking for a longer stay. But travelers and business men do not really care about the ratings while they are on their stay.
  • Complicated procedures – Hotels have many procedures like showing their identity card, making a pre payment and extra service charges. But motels completely differ in this case, motels have simple procedures for check in and check out. They want to give easy and flexible access to their customers.
  • Basic supplies – motels have some basic supplies given to them by their providers like shampoos, soaps and tea and coffee machines. They offer such supplies for emergency times for the person who is staying at their place, they do not have huge supplements to offer like chocolates and fruits but their basic supplies are up to the mark.
  • Best for emergency – usually the motels run 24/7 and one can easily spot a motel over and can check in anytime they want. But for a hotel they have timings, though not every hotel have a limited timing but they are restricted for the people. So if you urgently need accommodation for a night motels are the best options for everyone.

Final words

Choosing a motel over a hotel is the best thing to do if you are not looking for a long term stay and want to reduce the cost of your stay. Usually people get confused in the two of them.

But hotels and motels are quite different and people must know that the services and amenities provided by them are upside down. So choosing a motel is more like having an emergency stay at a cheaper cost. There are so many options on almost every highway and road way of the United States that by just switching on your GPS you can spot motels near me easily.

You have to just download the application on your phone which is available on both the Google Play Store and the ITunes that you can get easy access to them. Not only this but one can even browse different websites using their devices to get a segregated list of the motels near them.

The links of the websites are mentioned above, also the advantages of choosing a motel are mentioned above. So one can go through them and try out the different motels.

Always remember that judging a motel on the basis of its rates is not really important they are more like a stay and since they are cheap in cost they are far more beneficial than the hotels.

But if you are looking for a proper stay as you are a tourists than choosing a hotel is better option than a motel. However if you are more of a cost benefit person than choosing a motel near me option list is best for your pocket as they are cheap.

Thank you.

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