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Why getting a nail art is so important?


Nail art has many benefits and people do not know but there is even a documentary available on the nail art in the United States called the “Nailgasm”.  What is a nail art exactly? Nail art is nothing but drawing art on your toe and finer nails that gives styles statement to the females. Nail art brings a texture to your look. And in today’s world adding accessories to your personality is very important and nail art does that.

This salon industry has grown so much that there are about 54 thousand nail salon and spa’s so one can easily get access to the list of the nail salon near me. With the use of technology now everything is available on the finger tips of the person. And to make those finger tips attractive you need to have nail art on it.

Why can’t we do the nail art at home?

Well if you think you are good with the nail art and other arts than no problem, you can definitely go ahead with it. But if you are a beginner than you must need to know about various things in nail art. Nail art is done and drawn using different types of tools and brushes. Experts and nail salon near me uses these tools and brushes to draw a unique nail art.

So if you are looking for perfection on your big day than looking for nail art saloon is not really cost. Or else one can always be a learner, practice and try different nail arts referring online and try to learn the nail art designs and how to make them using different brushes. But the last resort is the nail art salons.

What are the benefits of the nail art?

Now this is one of the questions that come across everyone’s mind, nails being such a small part of our human body why need such a special treatment?

Well if people have forgotten, nails are the unavoidable part of your hands and whenever you great someone you tend to shake hands and this indirectly be a part of your first impression. And as so wisely said that first impression is the last impression, this makes the nail art very important.

If you have clean attractive nails your hand during the first hand shake looks firm and graceful both. And nail art is kind an add on to your personality, if your nail art matches the occasion than it makes your first impression just worth it.

Following are the benefits a person gets while he/she are looking for the nail art designs?

  • Nail art is an add on to the traditional nail paint art, it gives the individual some new colors and designs they could use as a combination to decorate their finger nails. This not only adds on to your personality, but according to a survey women who draw nail art on a regular basis tend to feel more confident and good about them.
  • Nail art even talks about you, according to survey women spend time on their nail art depending on their mood. If you use innovative designs and colors you are definitely in a good mood and if your nail art is unchanged for long and dull than you are going through stressful and tiring days. Well nail art can help you detect a person’s mood easily.
  • With nail salon near me nail art is now become a cake walk because experts do it for you now. So you need not waste time in learning the nail art and just ask the experts to do it for you.
  • Nail art salons always give you a proper manicure and pedicure before they treat your hands, so one must always remember that they not only get cleaned for the day but also their hands become soothing and this is a very relaxing activity.
  • Inexpensive way to accessorize you, nail art does not really cost too much, there are many cheap nail art salons near me. So without any much of investment you can easily make your hands look graceful and clean. Isn’t the nail art just the best? and now we even have experts to do this.
  • Make you look different on your special days, in case you have a big event coming close than you can try different nail art spas and salons to add a look to your special day. They make your look bold and beautiful and add a spice to your looks.
  • Trendy, nail art is now completely in fashion and if you want to follow the trend than you must definitely try the new upcoming nail arts to get a better idea of the fashion industry. Not only this but every girl wants to be trendy as well as a trend setter and so using this nail art and making an innovative nail art can make you a trend setter as well.

Disadvantages of nail art

Now as there are many advantages of different nail arts, there are also disadvantages a person should know and following are they.

  • Time consuming, nail art designs can be a time consuming activity depending on the type of the nail art you are trying for. Make sure if you want a nail art choose a sophisticated and attractive yet simple nail art to avoid spending extra time on this.
  • Chemicals in the nail paint, as nail art has different colors many chemicals are now on your finger tips which can either spoil your nails or might enter your body while eating food. So make sure the quality of nail paints you use to make your nail art is quite good to avoid any such problem.
  • Uneasy – as the nail art design requires a lot of time and the designs made are quite small and requires patience it makes the women uneasy. According to a survey conducted in the United States about 9 percent of the women feel uneasy and impatient while they are making a nail art.
  • Might be misunderstood as following the heard, the nail art designs are though in trend and fashion. So having nail paint and art on your finger nails will look like following the heard and common. So nail art doesn’t really make you stand out of the box.
  • Tough, if you are not going to a nail art salon than making a appropriate nail art can be a big problem. Cause nail art have to be drawn with complete perfection and if you are not n expert and a beginner you might end up spending your time in an unproductive activity.
  • Pay more attention, one has to pay more attention with respect to cleanliness of their nails, as after nail paints on it you cannot really judge if the nails are clean or no. so make sure you take utmost care of the cleanliness and hygiene of your nails.

What do I need to find a nail salon near me?

  • Good internet connection for fast access, preferably 3G and 4G connection.
  • A smartphone or apple phone.
  • Another device like laptop or Ipad to browse the websites online.

Follow the below mentioned steps after you have fulfilled the requirement criteria.

  • The next step after you click on the link is to click on the option of Store locator and then a new page will appear and then fill in the details like the location and the zip and address for you to spot the nearest nail salon in your vicinity. If you see one can even see other options of the products on the webpage of the official website of the nail salon.
  • Now with this you not only get the address but also get the contact details of that particular nail salon, so one can even ask the personals to come home to give personalized service.
  • If you are apple user than you can make a fastest access from the phone by just downloading the application, click on the below mentioned link for proper details.
  • And in case you are android user then you can just simply download the application from the Google play store, click on the below mentioned link for it.
  • One can even browse the websites to get a sorted list of the Salon near them if you do not have a smartphone you can just simply browse the website of the internet and here are the links mentioned below.
  • One can even download the application of trip advisor on their phone and spot the closest salon in their location and get the details of their services as well, download the application searching from the Google Play Store.

Some interesting facts of Nail art salons in the United States I Bet you didn’t know!

  • The manicure and the pedicure service were started in the 19th century by a French king. And this was part of the medical treatment and not beauty.
  • There was an era where women who applied nail paints on their fingers were considered to be bad as they were fashionable and could do anything to be attractive according to the society.
  • Hollywood has invented the French nail manicure, they have invented transparent nails and colors which make the hand look very attractive and shiny.
  • The first ever yellow nail paint in the whole world was applied by Madonna and ever since then people started appreciating nail paints.
  • Nail problems account for 10 percent of the skin problems in the body and so one must be very careful about the quality of the nail paint they are using for the nail art.
  • About 0.1 millimeter of thes nails are grown everyday this means that it will take about 100 days for a nail to grow about 1 centimeter. And the nail in the middle finger is the fastest growing nail and the thumb nail is the slowest growing nail.
  • Nail polish was first originated in China and the ingredients like the beeswax were used in the nail paint, and back in the ancient Egypt nail paints were used as a sign of the class rankings of the female.
  • According to the experts one must store their nail polish in the fridge, as this increases the life of the nail paint.
  • The most expensive nail paint is the world costs about 2 lakh 50 thousand dollars, this nail paint is the Azature black diamond king.
  • Nail polish is good for your nails, did you know that nail polish is good for your nails? Nail paint strengthens your nail and avoid breakage.
  • According to the big nail magazines nail paints have been in the world ever since civilization and about it was originated in about 3000BC In the China.
  • The French tips of the nail paints aren’t really French and even the nail paint that is found in the French are not really French but found in the year 1975 in California.


Innovations of Nail art design.

Recently, there have been many improvement made; now one can even have quality holographic effects and crackle effect and Thermochromic effect added to their nail art pattern and designs.

The mate effect has been the most fashionable effect in the last year. According to an analysis, there were also few nail stickers added to the nails, people even tried non-natural and synthetic nails to try some new and pioneering nail art designs.

The fashion of nail art designs is never going to become paler and the nail industry is looking promote too many innovations coming on the mode.

Nowadays youthful girls in college switch to diverse and their own nail art design every day depending on their clothing choice. Nail art designs are into variant and every event and dress can have a diverse nail art as the color of nail paints are now not restricted to earlier times. They have n figure of colors including the neon and the glitter and shiny ones.

Final words

Nail art is very important for one to bring in some new change in them; at times it even brings confidence in the people while they are making their first handshake. Nail art designs have a lot of variety.

They even help you to grow stronger nails because with the support of nail paint the nails do not break easily.

One must always know that though with the pros comes the cons, but nail art has very less cons. In fact this is one of the most growing and full of innovation industry that the number of spa and saloons for nail art and manicure and pedicure has increased in the United States drastically.

Many people do not know that there are about more than 50 thousand spas in the United States. So one can easily spot nail salon near me by clicking on the above mentioned links and following the procedure.

Or one can even download the application on their phone to locate the nearest nail salon. These applications work on both the Apple and the normal android phones.

Just using the internet you can get the details of the nail salon near me, there are some interesting facts behind this as well, one can definitely refer to them and know more about nail art industry and history.

There are n number of tools and brushes of the nail arts as well; one must remember that this nail art design industry has a lot of innovations and tools attached to it.

Thank you.

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